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Jeg er sydlig koreansk heimatlos hombre en manhattan new york av vereinigte staaten.
Ich bin konelos,hauslos,geldlos,lagerbeholdninglos,kartelos,esposalos,kidless,carless,airplanelos(^~^),yachtlos,
boatless,utenlandsk vennless,kontraktlos,email kontaktless,insuranceless,warefarelos,medicareless,i-podlos,
baerbar PCless,mac datamaskinlos,laptoplos,trabajoless,propertylos,apartmentless,bicycleless,motorcyclelos,
RVless,Storageless,Girl friendless,,,,,,,etcless!

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From today:
1>Each one of my CODE and DESIGN and IDEA is 102 Trillion Dollar and Euro and Won and Yen CASH ONLY
   -With same condition!
2>Coach u.s.a is same.
3>Each Time and Each Degree( Go to see is 10 Trillion Euro and 10 Trillion Dollar CASH ONLY!
4>My prayer is in

I am 45 years old south korean homeless man Jin,Yang Hun who is WanDoo,WanDooKong,WanDooJin,00777,00888,
00999,Nabiya,Edward Jin,Eddie,Eddie Jin,S.R.O,A.I.O,PRIZM,Satellite.
I do 1 hand push up 7 times in 10 second,now.
I do 1 leg sitting and standing 7 times in 15 second,now.
I speak 4 language but 3 is not fluent but enough.(With dictionary,I speak more.)
I can do whistle with teeth.(The sounds is like panpipe)

November-21-2008 Viernes PM 4:40
med Sony VAIO Laptop Z series what is displayed in Sony Style tienda sobre 56th gate e madison ave
en manhattan new york estados unidos.